Alternate timeline

The backbone of Campaign 20/20 is turn-based strategy. Select an election year - 1960, 2000, 2016 or 2020 - to start, and the nominee of either of the two major parties. A map shows the direction that each state is leaning. Each day, you fly to a region and conduct fundraisers and rallies. Your opponent does the same. At the end of the day, you spin a wheel for campaign funds and more events. if you managed to flip a state during the last turn, you'll get more spins. It's a pick up and play game, but strategies run deep.. Victories earn you points that unlock trophies. Shape history and earn rewards.

Campaign 20/20

What would happen if Nixon beat Kennedy in 1960? If Gore beat Bush in 2000? How would the political landscape change? Campaign 20/20 taps an Alternate Timeline through 60 years of elections - the results of one contest influencing the next. If Nixon beats Kennedy, and then Johnson for re-election, the JFK assasination doesn't happen, neither does Watergate. Who runs in 1968? Everything moves in a new direction...


Intuitive and Engaging

Campaign across the country. Coduct Rallies and Fundraisers.

Earn points to unlock trophies.

Enter presidential contests from 1960 through 2020.